YunHo’s ex-girlfriend & HeeChul

On May 15, while recording The Star Show for SBS, U-know Yunho (of wildly popular boyband DBSK) said that the reason he broke up with his girlfriend was because of Super Junior‘s Heechul.

The story goes like this:

The guys, who are both under SM Entertainment, used to spend a lot of time together before their debut. They lived and practiced together.

Blame game: ‘It’s all Heechul’s fault!’

There was this one time when U-know and Heechul went to the cafe together. U-know’s girlfriend spotted the pair and saw U-know’s companion from the back. Since Heechul had long hair at that time and looked feminine, she mistook him for another girl!

U-know had to do damage control after the incident, explaining to his then girlfriend that Heechul is a guy, who is just a friend. But they eventually broke up.

Oh man, poor Heechul. I wonder if he’s taking that “look like a girl from the back” thing as a compliment or insult? πŸ˜›

Source & Pic credit: Sports Seoul with translations by Joe Gimm


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22 Responses to “YunHo’s ex-girlfriend & HeeChul”

  1. sakura Says:

    hahaha poor hee chul…

    love hee chul
    love hee chul
    love hee chul…

    wish u good luck…

  2. kim xina Says:

    Poor Heechul
    I heard this story before but i really don’t think it was U-know GF

    My friend said U-Know girl friend was in heechul accident but am not sure.

  3. kikki Says:

    aw…… dang so sad foe her

  4. ierajun Says:

    i think its kinda funny…lol
    but poor heechul..i love him for being a handsome guy…not a pretty woman..

  5. Yan San Says:

    Girl Friend is such a friend.It isn’t a wife.But I don’t think it was heechul fault.

  6. [*Shininstar*]^_^ Says:

    Hahaha!! I think that it’s clearly ridicul, really the girl just tried to find a reason for broke up with YunHo!!
    Nobody is enough crazy to broke up with ‘our’ ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’ because you see ‘him’ or ‘her’ talk on a coffee with someone else !!
    Well, in the end they do what they want, I am not really moved by this story and they finally broke up there is not any problems everything is ok in the brave new world!!^^

    Bye and wait for other news!!! Yeah!!!

  7. Helen Says:

    He doesnt look like a girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Helen Says:

    He has just so sweet face !~

  9. nUnIsNoW Says:

    heechul! Look like a girl from the back? Thats pretty interesting…hhmmm

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i hate hee chul very much .

  11. Anonymous Says:

    well i do like hee chul in his short hair

  12. Anonymous Says:

    im actually taemin’s gf

  13. fadiingstar Says:

    stop insulting hee chul u dumbass

  14. HeenimLover !!!!! Says:

    I really love Heenim. He is really handsome, good-looking,cute,smart,talented,funny && PERFECT.
    Heenim really looks gorgeous with his long hair AND he is actually hot with any hairstyle he has.
    If you have anything insulting && stupid things in your mind … keep it for yourself !!!!

  15. Randomness Says:

    Heenim actually looks better && hotter than U-Know. Sorry … its just an opinion.
    Thats my opinion cause … U-Know has a kinda big chin. And there are angles that he doesnt look that good.
    Heenim,looks hot && handsome in any angle and whatever hairstyle he has fits him.

    Oh well, thats just my opinion. Just tell me what you think. πŸ˜‰

  16. Randomness Says:

    My comment for this article is … it isnt Heechul’s fault at all. That girlfriend of his is just plain jealous. She thinks U-Know will replace her with a prettier girl out there since he is a celebrity already.
    Is it Heenim’s fault to be that gorgeous? LOL. xP

  17. Sammy Says:

    ha ha
    i think it great that he break up with such kind of girlfriend who stupid enough to find silly….i believe he will find his match who is pretty and ideal girlfriend like Ko ah ra who is really a perfect match
    with uknow from Heading to the ground drama series.i wish they will fall in loves each other in reality..hehehe
    Please share his news if anyone interested………..

  18. Sammy Says:

    tell me if you know who is yunho tvxq recent girlfriend ?

  19. Kasuouh Says:

    hahaha! this is so funny!
    But Is still like heechul even if he did turn out to be an actual real girl!

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